About Kevin Wyzykowski

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Sr. Project Manager

Follow the leader in erosion...

With more than 25 years of erosion control experience, Kevin has founded and run his business with a great deal of success due to his client-centered philosophy. Kevin has always maintained a positive attitude and remains dedicated to his customers and employees through the ups and downs of owning and running his company. Kevin sticks to his principles of being honest with his customers, operates his business with integrity, and he stands behind his work. He warranties his grassing. He does not charge outlandish prices, and provides the utmost in customer service. Kevin holds the 1A professional certification from the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission.

Kevin said his father gave him words of advice growing up and he has never forgotten them and tries to live by that creed. His father said, “Nothing is glorious or glamorous about having your own business. It is not a 9-5 commitment, it is a 24/7 commitment. For every triumph, there will be 10 defeats. Be humble, be reliable, exhibit integrity, be resilient, have confidence in yourself and your capabilities, keep your word, and you will be successful.”

In his spare time, Kevin is an excellent cook, plays poker with friends, and enjoys spending time with his wife, two daughters, his two Labradors, and other pets. Kevin does quite a bit of charity work for several different organizations.

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We had several erosion control problems on our development site. Within 24 hrs a EMS crew was at the site installing silt fencing, blowing straw and hydroseeding the entire job-site. They followed up in the following weeks and we have not had any additional erosion issues. Great Company and staff.

George Ortiz

They did an excellent job! Very dependable. We called on a Wednesday. The next day they surveyed the area. By Saturday the erosion issue on the slope was solved!

Jane Madison